JNCC-Approved Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) Training Courses

The CRRU JNCC-Approved Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) Training Course introduces the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) guidelines for minimising the risk of injury to marine mammals from geophysical surveys, piling and explosives operations in the offshore petrochemical and renewables sectors.

The aim of this 1-day course is to equip candidates who wish to work as an MMO with the necessary information and knowledge to carry out this role effectively. Material covered includes the types of activities undertaken offshore, how to interpret and provide mitigation advice using the JNCC guidelines, how to detect and identify marine mammals at sea and determine distances from operations, and how to complete the JNCC recording forms and the necessary reporting requirements required to competently carry out the job.

As an industry prerequisite, all MMOs undertaking work in UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) waters must have attended this JNCC-approved course and obtained the certificate awarded upon successful completion.

JNCC mitigation guidelines have been developed for application to ALL geophysical surveys, impact piling and use of explosives in the marine environment
Compliance with JNCC mitigation guidelines is considered best practice and aims to reduce the risk of deliberate injury to marine mammals to negligible levels

The training is delivered by experienced personnel with over 23 years working experience in this role in the offshore petrochemical and renewables industries. The cost is £150 per person (which includes reference material, practical guidelines, worksheets and a species identification handbook).

Courses are run several times a month on set dates, but can also be organised for groups of 8 or more people on your date of choice by request, or can be carried out remotely by working through a recording of the course (preferable for many of our overseas participants).

The date for our next online (via Zoom) course is:

Thu 27 Jun 2024

If you would like to receive a registration form for a course or wish to be added to our email distribution list for future course dates, please email us at [email protected].

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