The quality and presentation of this website would not have been possible without the stunning imagery/videography contributed by so many of our dear friends and colleagues. The following are gratefully acknowledged for their selfless contributions in this respect - we joyfully raise our glasses to your good health and happiness:

Kevin Robinson, Gary Haskins, Jenny Spinou, Ella Marwood, Monika Carrie, Ciaran Dolan, Anais Bliault, Tom Bean, Willow Holdcroft, Betty Boyse, Duncan MacDougall, Dafni Panteloglou Pine Eisfeld-Pierantonio, Walter Innes, Jesse Hirota, Sam Kindler, Jade Rogers, Sandra Hoerbst and Caroline Weir (Falklands Conservation).

Permission for use or reproduction of any of the images displayed should be directed to the CRRU webmaster at [email protected].

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