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For just £2.50 a month (or £25 a year), you can become a "Friend of CRRU" and directly support the vital work of the charity in the following areas:


  • Monitoring the status and ecology of small cetaceans in the coastal whales of NE Scotland

  • Determining the distribution and population dynamics of the cetacean species in these waters

  • Investigating environmental and anthropogenic impacts on these animals in the North Sea

  • Investigating the causes of cetacean strandings in Scottish waters

  • Contributing to the development and implementation of conservation strategies and the designation of marine protected areas for these animals

  • Providing academic training and research placements for university students and opportunities for contributing Citizen Scientists


  • Provision of a 24-hour rescue service for sick, injured and live-stranded whales and dolphins in Scotland

  • Training courses in first aid administration, rescue techniques and rehabilitation procedures for marine mammals for interns, university students and members of the public

  • Publication of material advising members of the public what to do if they find a sick or injured marine mammal (via leaflets, the website, the media and published National Strandings Posters)

  • Representation within the Marine Animal Rescue Coalition

  • Acting as a liaison group for other animal welfare bodies working in this field in Scotland

  • Facilitating rescue workshops / simulations at public shows / educational displays throughout the country

  • Supporting media work with TV channels, national radio and the national press

  • Oil contingency planning work and mitigation during oil spills


  • Educational school visits (primarily within the local and wider community)

  • Providing talks and seminars for the general public (local and national)

  • Displays and exhibitions at public shows throughout Scotland

  • Marine educational workshops and displays across the country - with international audiences and collaboration

  • Educational work with children's TV programmes (Blue Peter, Really Wild Show, Newsround)

  • Maintenance of educational website resources and campaign work.

As a Friend of CRRU, you will receive an exclusive Friend's goodie pack.

Please join us today and support our marine conservation work in action in Scotland - become a part of our international network of friends.

For postal applications, please complete the following membership form.

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