School Visits

School presentations provide an excellent forum for educating younger generations about the need to protect our oceans and respect the life within them, and whales and dolphins are a powerful and exciting medium for getting this message across.

The CRRU educational team conducts numerous visits to local and national schools throughout the year. Audio-visual presentations can be geared towards any age group. Incorporating slide shows, sound recordings, puppet demonstrations and environmental games, presentations can be tailored-made to accommodate individual classrooms or youth groups.

The team further assist schools and youth groups with beach cleans and litter surveys, encouraging them to adopt their local beaches and tackle issues of littering. Organised beach cleans can be structured around seminars and question and answer sessions.

For further information on any of the above, or to arrange a talk for your school or community group, please contact us at [email protected].

Beach cleans and litter surveys provide a super activity for educating young people and adults how microplastics affect the marine ecosystem and how we need to tackle the issues of littering
Outdoor activities such as coastal walks and SSI visits are also an engaging way to educate the local community about the need to take stewardship for their local beaches and coastal beauty spots
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