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Legacies & Bequests

Legacies can be a lifeline for many small charities, and a legacy to CRRU is a way in which supporters can make a HUGE difference to the charity's life saving work with whales and dolphins in Scotland.

These apex marine predators are both fascinating and enigmatic, but we no longer have the luxury of studying them just to learn more about them. Now we must learn more about them simply to protect them, and the CRRU team are working hard to ensure the survival of these mammals in our UK coastal waters for future generations to come.

There are many ways in which your gift could be used to support CRRU. Bequests could be used to fund specific projects or campaigns, or to purchase life-saving equipment or research tools. CRRU's exemplary objectives aim to provide opportunities and training for young, up-and-coming biologists in the fields of cetology, animal welfare and environmental education, and, as such, we will endeavour to ensure that all bequests are used in accordance with the donor's wishes.

In short, your support is vital to the continued success and furtherance of this charitable, voluntary organisation, and your help at any level would be greatly received. For a confidential chat on this topic, please send us an email to [email protected] with your name and telephone number, along with a convenient time for us to call.

Do let us know if you are including the CRRU in your will so that we can thank you and keep you in touch with all our activities and what we are up to. Full details for the CRRU charity can be found HERE.

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