Events and Talks

CRRU hosts an assortment of public talks and visits throughout the year, both within the local and wider community, for enthusiast groups and voluntary organisations (provided on a donation basis), or under commission / in partnership with visitor centres and public / corporate bodies, at locations throughout the country.

Talks can be formal or informal and be geared to suit audiences of any background or age group.

Find out how whales and dolphins communicate, what dolphin 'midwives' and 'nannies' are, how dolphins can "X-ray" each other and how dolphins and whales evolved.

What is the largest member of the toothed whales? How do toothed-whales echolocate? How can we age an animal from its teeth?
Findings from the research studies carried out by CRRU feed directly into the charity's educational outreach work

Subject material is diverse and specific topics and themes are available by arrangement. Whale rescue workshops and demonstrations are a highly popular event for groups of all ages and background.

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